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My partner is not just ‘my filipino’ he’s my rock, my heart, and my soul. It goes without saying he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Most of all he’s never asked me for a single cent. I decided to look abroad for a partner because I was looking for a man with different values than I was seeing in Northern California; plus travel is a favorite hobby of mine!

It was an arduous task to say the least. There simply were no good gay dating sites for men looking abroad. On Facebook I was barraged everyday by scammers and gold diggers claiming to love me at first site. Some managed to get through my initial defenses causing me much hard-ache and heartbreak. I was about to give up until Steve came along. He was almost exactly what I was looking for! He was handsome, intelligent, educated, and wanted something different also. It is my desire for others to feel the same joy I feel almost everyday when I wake up next to my soulmate.  Of course there are some culture barriers and misunderstandings but at the end of the day true love knows no boundaries.

You may be asking yourself why join meetpinos when there are so many free sites out there? The simple answer is when it comes to dating sites you get what you pay for. The stakes simply couldn’t be higher for international dating. On a free app like grindr if a guy uses a fake pic, lies about his stats, the worst thing you’ll deal with is an awkward moment. When it comes to international dating there’s a lot more at stake than an awkward moment or a bruised ego. I’ve seen people get swindled for thousands of dollars or worse. Living here in the Philippines I’ve seen American men supporting a guy’s entire family while they are laughing at him. The most common theme I’ve seen with all the victims is they didn’t do their homework and they didn’t keep their eyes open.

Why join Meetpinoys.com then? Because we do the homework for you! . As soon as we confirm that a user asked for money they’re gone. No debates. We encourage our Filipino and developing nation users to take an English exam so you know the person you’re talking to will be able to communicate with you on and offline. We offer personalized support and match making services. That’s the difference you get when you join Gay International Dating. You’ll never get that level of support and serviceon facebook or even the more expensive sites like eharmoney.

We also offer:
Innovative Points System makes using our site fun!
Pay for what you use with our points system
Strict Community Standards keep you safe and only dealing with serious daters
A fun environment where age, waist size, or the size of anything else doesn’t matter!



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I was looking for a site where I could find sincere pinoys. I think I found it.



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