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Getting a Foreign Daddy: When’s the Right Time to Have Sex?

A question I get asked by many Pinoys that want a serious relationship with a foreigner is when is the right time to have sex with a foreigner?

Use your tool(s) wisely! 


Sex is one of your most powerful tools to attract and keep a foreign man. Lets be honest the reason a foreign guy is willing to come all the way to the Philippines is because he’s looking for a younger guy that’s willing to have sex with him on a regular basis.

Yes many are looking for love as well but you better believe sex is a big part of that equation. If you know how to use your tool(s) wisely that’ll put you 3 steps ahead of your competition!

Here’s what most guys do:

Most Pinoys do one of two things:

  1. They give up the goodies right on the first physical meeting
  2. They try to be prudes and make him wait too long

The reason both of these tactics are wrong is because they both scream ‘scammer!’.

If you give up your goodies right away and then declare love you’ve just marked yourself as a desperate scammer and you’ve taken out the anticipation from your relationship.

If you try to be a prude and make him wait forever he’ll lose interest in you and think you’re not for reason. Resisting sex is one of the biggest things a foreigner is looking for when determining whether a Pinoy is sincere or not.

A personal story

I was dating a guy and I was really into him. He asked to sleep over at my apartment and when he did he wouldn’t have sex. A light kiss on the lips is all he would do. 

I know he was trying to entice me but all it did was annoy me. Usually when a guy asks to sleep over that means some sexual activity is going to be involved. 

I decided to stick around but after a month he still wouldn’t put out. What’s worse he would lie and say he was going to put on on Friday or something and then make up an excuse not to come over on Friday. Finally after a month of this nonsense I told him to put out or get out!  

He declined and I broke up with him. That was an asshole thing for me to say but I pissed off by his games. To this day he still messages me and wants to get back together but my interest is completely gone. I don’t regret breaking up with him one bit to be honest. 

My point is the right time to have sex is in the middle of being a prude and being too easy. 

What should I do?

Start off right. Let him know from the beginning that you’re not the type of guy to put out right away. That way he’ll know what to expect.

Then on the first or second date when you spend the night make out with him (a lot of kissing) and a mutual hand job. I like this strategy because you’re still showing him you’re not easy but at the same time you’re showing him you have genuine sexual interest.

Maybe after a month or so you can advance to a blow job. After  that when and only when you feel he is serious about you should you graduate to full anal intercourse.

This is the best way to entice him and you can set yourself apart from all the other guys that are just giving up all their goodies right away. Not to mention you’ll be a lot safer from any sexually transmitted diseases! 


What if he’s pressuring me for sex?

If you do what I’ve suggested which is to set expectations from the beginning you won’t get a lot of pressure for sex. If anything he’ll have a more respect for you than if you had just spread your legs on the first date.

However, if you are feeling some pressure be honest and explain to him that you want to it to be special and to please understand you. Explain that if you weren’t interested you wouldn’t be giving him blow/hand jobs like you are.

After you’ve explained this and he’s still pressuring you then it’s time to end the relationship because he’s not serious.

Any man (foreigner or native) that can’t respect his partner enough to wait a little longer to have sex especially if that partner is showing genuine sexual interest is not a man that you want in your life.


Please don’t say this:

We’ll have sex when I’m ready

A friend of mine in Bicol  tried using that line with a Filipino top. Unfortunately the guy stopped talking to him pretty soon after and my friend was so devastated.

Many guys that want to make their partners wait will use this line. It’s a terrible line and a fast track to getting dumped. It sounds scammer-like at best and downright selfish at worst.

A relationship (especially between two men)  isn’t just about what you want or just about what he wants. It’s about what you both want. In other words: Mutual Respect!

He should respect you enough to wait a little while for full anal intercourse and you should respect him enough to understand that you should give your partner pleasure.

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