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Why You Should Want Filipino Boyfriend if You’re a Foreigner

Want a boyfriend that doesn’t care about your age? Consider dating a Filipino. In fact there are a ton of good reasons to seek a Filipino boyfriend.

Their kind dispositions. Straight or gay Filipinos are some of the nicest people you’ll ever know.

Openness to foreigners. Unlike many other Asian countries the Philippines is anything but xenophobic. They love foreigners and will be eager to talk to you once you come here.

Respect for age. I’m sure you’ve heard in America and Europe that you’re dead in the gay community once you hit 40? Not so here. Traditional Asian attitudes towards age still reign supreme. Parents actually make their children respect their elders here. It’s standard policy in most Pinoy establishments to give ‘mature’ people and persons with disabilities (PWDs) priority service.  In my time as an expat in the Philippines I’ve never heard “eww he’s old”. Not even once.  American gays look down on age while Filipinos see it as a sign wisdom and distinction.


Loyalty. A Filipino that truly loves you will stick with you through thick and thin. He’ll hold your hand in public if he’s in a more populated area. He’ll even endure the ‘chismes’ (gossip) to do it. Side note: public displays of affection are a no-no here. Hand holding is the farthest any respectable Filipino will go. He’ll introduce you to his family and friends as his boyfriend/partner not just his ‘friend’. He’ll even clean up your barf if you had too much to drink with the neighbors! Don’t ask how I know that hehe…

I’m so lucky to have a Filipino boyfriend. 🙂

What about scammers? 

This is the most common question I get whenever I speak to foreigners about dating Filipinos. Are there some scammers here? Yes no doubt. But guess what? If you follow the rules below you won’t be a victim. It truly makes me sad though to see so many good guys forfeit good love with a nice young man just because he’s too scared of being scammed. I’d rather take a chance and find love and happiness like I did here in the Philippines than just waste away back in America by myself.


Scammers are looking for someone who is desperate for love that they can begin milking with as little effort as possible. While its true gay Filipinos do tend to move quickly when it comes to relationships that doesn’t mean you have to. Just remember you have a lot more to lose than he does.  There’s no reason a legitimate Filipino won’t wait.

Rule 2: If he complains about money run away

Most people tell you who they are and what they really want. The problem is most people don’t listen. If he complains about money or his family members being sick run away. He’s telling you has a problem and he wants you to solve it; with your wallet.

Rule 3: Sex is your friend

Sex with someone they’re not actually into is very difficult for most people especially men. This is why good prostitutes here can support their entire extended families.  If he’s just closing his eyes and opening his legs then you need to close your wallet. He may try to make you feel guilty for wanting sex. He may try to say he wants to wait for ‘the right time’ to have sex with you. Reality check ‘the right time’ is never.  If he’s not putting out then you need to get out.

Rule 4: He doesn’t love you if he won’t spend time with you

The goal of any gold digger is to get the most with the least amount of investment. In this case the investment is time. Peoples’ time is their most valuable resource. How he spends his free time is a reflection of his personality. People in love will move heaven and earth to spend time their special someone. Excuses mean nothing. If he won’t give you his time how can you expect him to give you his heart.  Which brings me to my next point.



Rule 5: He’s your Filipino not your b*tch 

If he’s cooking and cleaning all the time its because he’s trying to show you he loves you. It’s not because he wants to be treated as maid. If you just want to be a domineering sugar daddy then the guys that will be attracted to you are just looking for a sugar daddy. duh right?  Just because you pay most of the expenses that doesn’t give you license to be a dick. He’s a human being that wants to feel appreciated and respected just like everyone else.  The guys I’ve seen get scammed the most here almost deserve it because they had bad intentions. Just like the Filipinos that end up getting abusive foreigners often didn’t have good intentions themselves.

Rule 6: Most Filipinos are looking for love!

There are a ton of very handsome Filipinos on here other sites seeking a mature man for a life partner. Why? Because many Filipino’s say Filipino tops aren’t serious when it comes to relationships. A lot Filipino tops are just looking for a side piece from their wives/girlfriends. Also many masculine Filipino tops just want to charge the bottoms for a blow job. They deserve better than than that. They deserve you! haha! But seriously this place is fertile ground for any foreigner that is looking for something real.

So take a chance and broaden your horizons!

These are just basic rules you can follow to protect yourself. You can read a more comprehensive guide on how to detect scammers How Gay Men Can Protect Themselves From Romance Scammers . As I always say the successful foreign/Filipino relationships are the ones where the Filipino isn’t just looking for an ATM machine and the Foreigner isn’t just looking for a maid/sex object.


  1. Dexter Delfin

    “People in love will move heaven and earth to spend time their special someone. Excuses mean nothing. If he won’t give you his time how can you expect him to give you his heart.” — just like a quotation I live by “you gotta understand the difference between someone who speaks to you on their free time and someone who frees their time to speak to you.”

  2. Chrisjan Depusoy

    True love exists and it take some time. To know someone who is real and honest, we should not be too agressive and take all the time we need to develop true feelings. Love is always inside of all of us, we just need to find someone who will help us find it. ❤️

  3. Keith Rogers

    Well 95% of the filipino guys I’ve encountered on filipino cupid and filipino social have asked for money so that’s most of them breaking rule number 2.That’ means running a mile from most filipino gay men.How do I distinguish the genuine ones who are in real need from the scammers?-begging for money online seems to be something moat pinoys too.

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