The Philippines is Cheap!

Cheap Flights + Cheap Hotels + Cheap Food =Good Time!

You’ll find some of the best deals on flights, hotels, and food here in the Philippines. Plus a nice exotic atmosphere to boot!  Save money by coming to the Philippines. Look at how much you can save by coming to the Philippines vs. Thailand!

Expenditure per dayPhilippines ($USD)Thailand ($USD)
Daily Expenses4065
Total expenditure per day93.60145.21

Cheap Flights to the Philippines

Okay so now you’re hopefully convinced you want to travel to the Philippines but afraid you can’t afford the flight right? Wrong! If you plan ahead and research your options you can get here super cheap. Would you believe I only paid $368 to get from San Francisco CA to Manila in The Philippines? It’s true! Here’s the proof from my credit card statement.

How did I do it? Through!
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With exploretrip you have to plan your trips 30 days in advance. They also offer human travel agents although I’ve never used one of them.  This is by far the cheapest ticket I’ve ever gotten.  Thanks to exploretrip it was cheaper to fly to the other side of the world than across America.  I’ve used many different sites to go nearly around the world. You won’t get a cheaper ticket than on .

Cheap Hotels & Resorts in the Philippines


Hue Hotel in Puerto Princesa Palawan

Hoe Hotel in Puerto Princesa Palawan

Hotels in the Philippines can range anywhere from $7usd per night to $200usd per night in a high end Manila hotel. I use to book most of my hotels. They have a price match guarantee and I’ve never had a problem with their service. They’re a great option if you are traveling to the Philippines on a budget! I stayed at the red planet in Cagayan de Oro for just $10 a night!



Shangri-La's Boracay Resort and Spa

Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa Boracay Philippine









The Philippines is home to some world class resorts.  Resorts tend a by nicer and more elaborate than hotels. They typically range from as low as $19usd a night at The Blue Crystal Beach Resort to as much as $470usd for Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa in Boracay.

Get the Best Deals on Hotels and Resorts with

Cheap Food in the Philippines

The food in the Philippines is tasty and inexpensive. When I go around the Philippines I always use TripAdvisor to find the tastiest food and the best deals. But honestly the best way to get cheap good food is just to have a local with you and get some good street food.

Meet Filipinos at 

Looking for a travel buddy in the Philippines? is the best place to meet lgbt friendly Filipinos. They can take you around and make sure you get the local prices.

Read Cheap in the Philippines

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