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Two Straight Guys Murder Gay Doctor in Bacolod City

The 16-year-old suspect (left) and Fof Pascual Jr. (right)

Gay Doctor Murdered in Bacolod City, Philippines

Two straight guys 18 year old Fof Pascual Jr. (right) from Barangay Tadlong in Sagay City and 16 year old Neil Jhun Destriza (left) from Cadiz City  murdered a gay man, Dr. Andres Gumban, 63 years old pulmonologist (doctor specializing in the respiratory tract disorders)  who had invited them over for sex.

We assume in exchange for cash.What’s even more gruesome was the murder was recorded by the assailants themselves. They placed a cell phone on the window and waited for the doc to come out. They then greeted him with a rock and a knife.

Based on investigation, Gumban died from 34 stab wounds in the chest, stomach, and neck, which was slashed.  There was a loud commotion which awoke his neighbors who apprehended the two boys. The two boys then claimed they had acted in self defense and they were victims of a sexual assault. Their own cell phone video proved otherwise.

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Watch the video here. WARNING GRAPHIC

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