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Gay American Killed in Metro Manila

In May of 2017 tricycle driver Romeo DeLuna Jr. stabbed a gay American James Rinaldo Boudreaux in his apartment in Caloocan.  Mr. Bourdreaux was heard crying for help when his landlord came to check on him. Upon entering his home she found him dead from apparent stab wounds.

DeLuna claims that Bourdreaux tried to force himself on him  and acted in self defense. However, DeLuna was caught on CCTV fleeing the residence with his shirt off.

The video

The facts

DeLuna & Bourdreaux are seen apparently making a deal outside of Bourdreaux’s home

DeLuna was seen fleeing Bourdreaux’s residence with his shirt off

He has gang tatoos

DeLuna entered his home with a knife

Tricycle drivers don’t earn much money

Why the tricycle driver’s story makes no sense

What was DeLuna doing in Boudreaux’s home in the first place?

Why did he flee the apartment with his shirt off (it was cold and rainy that day)?

If the American really did try to force himself on him why didn’t he just leave?

James Boudreaux was well liked

Neighbors say Boudreaux was a good man he often gave free food and water to the kids playing basketball and didn’t mind helping out when needed.

Paul Keigo IshikawaI was a friend of Jimmy sometimes. When he was still in the apostle rent. That’s a nice man, Jimmy has a lot of plans for young people specially to our street kids. Papa feeding him at DM compound. Also came to Mayor Oca so he can’t deploy his help. I can just say Jimmy is napariwala. He ignored us his friends here that he really treated her family. And yes, he is a gay, he told us. There are really a chance when he had enough alcohol, he hasn’t done anything right! But he killed him very much. No need to reach that should not be very bad man of Jimmy. 20 countries that have been able to help and this philippines became his last destination in the world and to help him with our brother’s poor.
~ You may rest now my friend

Unfortunately there are still many people that see gay men as effeminate, weak, and unable to defend themselves.  You don’t have to fall into that category.

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