The Rainbow Flag was Stolen from God!

A day after the passing of the rainbow flag’s creator Gilbert Baker a claim has been made that the symbol of the LGBT community was in fact stolen from the Almighty God himself. Brian Fischer, the former Director of Issues Analysis of the American Family Association (AFA), has stated that the flag was stolen from God.  The AFA is a far right wing organization that opposes any sort of legal recognition for same sex couples.  Mr. Fischer went on further to state that he wants the symbol returned. Whether to him or to God was not specified in his tweet. Thus far after numerous attempts God has not been able to be reached for comment on this story.








Mr Fischer is known for other inflammatory statements such as the American military has been overrun by ‘hypermasculine aggressive homosexuals’ forcing Christians out and talks about  about “gay rainbow nazi’s”. You can see one of his videos here:

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