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How To Meet a GOOD Gay Daddy If You are A Filipino!

So you want to meet a foreign guy to help make your dreams come true right? You and a million other Filipinos sadly.  We all know the truth that meeting and getting a foreign guy is tough to say the least.

My previous guide will help you to keep a foreign guy but what about meeting him in the first place? Where do you go and how do you meet a gay daddy if you are a pinoy?


If you’re like most Pinoys you search out foreign men on facebook.  You troll facebook groups and send mass messages to a ton of foreign gay daddies. When you do undoubtedly 1 of 4 things happens.

  1. They just ignore you!
  2. They insult and/or block you!
  3. They ask you to masturbate on cam like a common prostitute! They then make promises of wire transfers that never happen
  4. They don’t earn enough money themselves to actually help you!

Facebook can be a way to meet a foreign guy but its not the best way. You may have heard your friend brag about all the money he’s getting from his Joe that he met on facebook but we both know that if he’s even telling the it’s the exception not the rule.

Most Pinoys that try to meet foreign guys on facebook go nowhere and give up.

Dating Sites

Maybe you’ve also tried to meet foreign guys on dating sites. If you have probably you’ve experienced the same problems as you did on facebook.

Most of the guys aren’t serious about international dating and you’re competing with a million other Pinoy guys for the 1 out of 100 you meet that are.

There are paid dating sites where the guys tend to be more serious but those sites charge upwards of $30USD  and up every month!  If you could afford to pay that you wouldn’t be looking for a foreign guy now would you?

So how do I meet a gay daddy then?


The best way to meet a gay daddy that is serious is to meet him in person, period. You must be where they are. Now there’s a couple of options to meet them in person.

The reason its the best way is if you meet a foreign guy in person in your country you already knows that he actually has enough money to travel and therefore make your dreams come true!

Move to or travel to a tourist spot like Boracay or Palawan.

Get a job working in the hospitality industry


Work on a cruise ship!

Yes I said cruise ships!

Cruise ships are a great way to meet foreign guys. There are a ton of gay cruises. In fact Gay cruises are a rising phenomena in the LGBT travel industry.

The website has over 30 gay cruises listed for 2018 alone!

By working on a cruise ship they will teach you how to properly communicate with Americans and other foreign guys.

You’ll be paid  to communicate with foreign men!

More importantly you’ll be exposed to gay men that actually have the money help you and your family!  An average gay cruise costs $2500 usd!

But isn’t it tough to get a job on a cruise ship?

Yes it can be. That’s why I recommend you buy  [eafl id=”1194276″ name=”Cruise Ship Employment Guide” text=”this guide”]. It’s about $25 and it’ll be the best investment you’ll ever make to your future.

It will show you insider tips and tricks to get your foot in the door of the cruise industry!




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