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Don’t want to sift through all the profiles in our free search? Then try our Meet Filipinos personalized people search today. We’ll help you meet the perfect Filipino travel buddy, romantic partner, or even just a chat mate! We offer personalized people finding services. Our Meet Filipinos Matching Service can find you a good match almost anywhere in the Philippines.  With our match making service you will find someone that has:

Passed an English exam

Been personally interviewed 

Matched to your interests and desires!


Just  pay a $59.95 finders fee and we’ll begin the searching process right away!

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Meet Filipino Matches Today!

Nigel Roddick Charlie


Why pay for a matching service?

The old saying you get what you pay for applies here. Yes we’re sure you get contacted all the time by Filipinos on facebook or other social media but the truth is most of those guys are desperate, don’t speak English that well, or just flat out prostitutes & gold diggers. What we offer is to find you educated, high quality Filipino men, that speak fluent or near fluent English who are looking for a real relationship.

It’s difficult for many westerners to believe but yes many young single Filipino men desire a relationship with men who are older than they are. Why? Because dating is hard in the Philippines most guys here just want a fuck or money. Most likely you’ve been contacted by guys that want the latter on facebook. The ones that of good quality typically don’t go out contacting random foreigners on facebook.

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“I paid for the premium matching service. At first I thought it was expensive but for the quality I got I am very pleased. They helped me find my soul mate Ken. He’s a beautiful Pinoy boy that was serious about finding love. He’s never asked me for a dime and I couldn’t be happier!”

John 56-Ky USA

“At my age I didn’t think I would find love unless I was a sugar daddy. I tried this service as a last resort. They found me Jomar. He’s a very nice young man from a little town in Visayas. He’s such a sweetheart and his family is very pleasant as well. They welcomed me with open arms.”

Floyd 66-Ut USA

“What I like most about this service is that Cameron was very honest and straightforward with me. He explained that maybe a 19 year old with a hot bod wasn’t realistic unless I was willing to be a sugar daddy. He found me Rey a 38 year old professional from Cebu. It’s true I was originally looking for a 19 year old hottie to show off to my friends but Rey is much better than that. So thanks”

Wilfred 58-Berkshire AUS


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