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Married Man Gets Busted for Spying on his Coworkers in the Bathroom

Married Canadian vice principal Brent Hatchborn was busted for spying on his coworkers using the bathroom. Hatchborn would offer coffee to his coworkers and then excuse himself to the restroom to watch them relieve themselves. Apparently this had been going on for awhile as he had been promoted to vice principal at another school but was still spying on his former coworkers. He was finally caught because the battery on one of his cameras went low and began making a beeping sound.

As if that wasn’t creepy enough police uncovered dozens of video recordings and over 1,300 photographs featuring nine different adult men who worked at the school. According to Queerty  The victims told court last week they thought Hachborn was a friend and they no longer trust their own judgement. They thought he was stopping by mornings to bring coffee and chat after he was promoted and went to another school. The truth was devastating and many swept their own homes for hidden cameras. According to CHCH

The crown asked that he be sentenced to jail time but the judge showed leniency as his life has been ruined as a result of his voyeurism.


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