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How to Make an Older/Younger Relationship Work!

Think because you’re young and thin that you’re you’re doing him a favor by being with him? Think again. Think because you’re always flipping the bill that he should be your de facto slave? Not so fast mister!  Real relationships aren’t about keeping tabs. They’re about respect and older/younger relationships take a certain amount of maturity from both sides in order for them to succeed. Keep reading if you want to know how to make an intergenerational relation not just survive but thrive.

The Trophy and the Sugar daddy

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting a man younger than you nor someone that has money those shouldn’t be the only reasons you are interested in dating someone older or wealthier than you. Walking around in the Philippines I see it all the time. An older men walking around with some young man that has zero interest in him other than his wallet or his passport. The older man knows the boy doesn’t love him. The boy is just willing to endure the gossip and shame for the aforementioned reasons.  The older man is getting a trophy. He wants to show his friends back home pictures with his prize. These relationships are always so sad to me as they are unhealthy for both parties. Yes, the young man is getting money but he doesn’t want that guy on top of him every other day. Yes, the older man is getting his trophy but deep down he knows young man hates it when they are intimate. He sees his ‘partner’ making every attempt to avoid physical intimacy.

The Flower and the Butterfly 

The good news is I’ve also seen true happy older/younger relationships. The young man loves every single wrinkle on his partners face and every pound on his waist. The older man loves immature joke or inexperienced life tale he hears.  No one is a trophy nor a sugar daddy.  The younger man is the flower looking to be pollinated and the older man is the butterfly  seeking a flower for nectar.  A mutually beneficial loving relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a younger men! 

Sometimes people judge men because they desire to date younger man. There are even websites like seek to match older men with younger ones. The reality is many of those gay men judging secretly want a young man themselves. Man no matter what sexual orientation was biologically programmed to seek youth and signs of vitality among other things Read more. If someone 20 years younger than you is what makes you tick then as long as he’s legal go for it!  We all have our dating preferences whether it be ethnicity, weight, height, or anything else. Its better to be honest than to try to force yourself to be in a relationship with someone you’re not happy with.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting economic security! 

Resources have been a factor when choosing a partner since the beginning of time. Men tend to look for signs of vitality and good health i.e. youth and women tend to look for signs of security and resources i.e. money. Men want a woman that can give him good healthy progeny while women want a man that will stick around and provide security for her offspring. The gay world isn’t much different. A lot of older men look to younger men for sexual attractiveness and younger men are looking to older men for economic security. We also have another article specifically on how to keep from getting scammed. Don’t Be a Victim!

Understand that you are both equals 

Sometimes gay men tend to look at intergenerational relationships as unequal. The older might think he can control the younger because he writes the rent check every month. Sometimes the younger might think he’s doing the older a favor because he’s with that particular older guy despite all the others that are flirting with him. Neither scenario is true.  You think because you pay the bills that he has to do whatever you say? Think again. He’s a human being that deserves to be treated with respect. If you don’t he’ll leave you for someone that will. Maybe you think because you are young and thin and constantly have older men throwing themselves at you that entitles you to special treatment?  You think “man he doesn’t know how lucky he is having me!” Well if that’s the case then your partner is the most unlucky person in the world to have a guy like you sleeping next to him.  Relationships are not favors no more than they are just about sex. Never be with someone that thinks he’s doing you a favor by being with you. That sounds basic but many gay men have been socialized to believe that that’s all they’re worth.

Talk about it!

In an intergenerational relationship often the expenses won’t be split 50/50. Not because he doesn’t want to but because he can’t. Realize that just because you might be paying more often than not it doesn’t mean he’s using you. If you’re unsure just take a step back and look. Is he opening his wallet when he’s with his friends while claiming to be broke with you?  When you’re the one always paying resentment can be a natural reaction. If you feel the resentment towards your partner beginning to fester talk to him about it. Let him know you understand he may not have much money but you’d appreciate something small like a card,a rose, or even some candy every once in a while. It’s always the little things that count.  Which brings me to my next point if you’re the one with lower finances there are some things you can do to make your partner not feel used. 1. Don’t suggest activities and then expect him to pay. 2. Do little things. He knew coming in that you didn’t have much money. It’s not your money he wants he just wants to feel appreciated and to know you don’t feel entitled to his money because of your youth.

Embrace your differences

A personal story: in some ways my partner and I couldn’t be more different. He’s into Ms. Universe and other ‘gay’ things while I like Adult Swim and Star Trek. My partner will never enjoy an episode of Futurama nor will I ever enjoy watching a Ms. Universe pageant. We embrace those differences as should you.  Understand that maybe as an older man you’ve gone through more and been at this game of life longer but that doesn’t mean he need to look down on him or treat him as ‘son’. He wants a partner not a father. Conversely don’t interpret advice as him trying to be your dad rather you should interpret it as him trying to prevent you from making the same mistakes he did.

Accept the bitter with the sweet

Yes, you’re going to get strange looks sometimes. Yes, there will be some friends telling you that you can do better or that since you’re the one always paying the tab he should be a de facto servant. These are the things that come up in an intergenerational relationship. On the other hand, you’ll get a mature man who is secure and has your back when something happens. You’ll get a man that understands a relationship is more than sex. Most importantly you’ll get a man that is actually serious about wanting a relationship in the first place! So spread your wings and find your flower or butterfly!


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