Gay Rights and Islam are not Compatible

One of the favorite punching bags of the left wing machine Netherlands Politician Geert Wilders is actually a strong advocate for gay rights and gender inequality. At a gathering at European Nationalist group Mr Wilders stated “Politicians from almost all established parties are promoting our Islamization. … The equality of men and women, freedom of opinion and speech, tolerance of homosexuality – all this is in retreat.”According to the NL Times. Just because someone dares to speak out against the inherent evil of islamization it doesn’t make one ‘racist’ (btw Islam isn’t a race) anymore than speaking out against Nazism makes one anti-German.

Islam is not compatible with the western culture of freedom. The Quoran (the Holy book is Islam) and hadith (the sayings of the prophet Mohammed) very clearly state that the punishment for homosexuality is death. A hadith specifically states that ‘[gays] should be thrown off a cliff’.  The Islamic state has enforced this as close as they can literally throwing men they suspected of being gay off the tops of buildings. After which they stone the bodies with rocks. To really beat out the gay?  Many readers may think this is just fear mongering using extreme examples. Its important to know that many Muslim populations also do not support homosexuality, specifically male homosexuality. According to the liberal news source CNN “More than half of British Muslims (52%) think homosexuality should not be legal, and nearly half (47%) think it is not appropriate for gay people to teach in schools, according to a new survey of British Muslims.” Full Article

It boggles the mind the that some people of liberal persuasians advocate for Islamization while the terrorists seem to hate them more than anyone. Islam is antithetical to everything the left stands for from women’s rights, to LGBT rights, to human trafficking,  to even religious freedom. Under the Muslim caliphate non Muslims were forced to pay a tax for the ‘privilege’ of being non-Muslim.  As gay men why should we continue to embrace a religion that hates us and with many followers whose sworn duty it is to destroy us? This isn’t suggesting that all Muslims are bad by any means. Its just important that we look at things from a realistic prospective. Its fair to say to most straight men inserting one’s penis into another man’s rectum is a disturbing thought. At least those men won’t kill because of it.

Then we can talk about the usual anti gay hypocrisy in many Islamic cultures. Bacha bazi (boy for play) has been a tradition in Afghanistan for thousands of years. Older men will buy young boys from desperate destitute families dress them up in women’s clothes, have them entertain them with proactive dancing then take them to the back for carnal pleasures. The effigy of an ideal human, the Muslim prophet Mohammed, married a 9-year old girl Aisha (his best friend’s daughter) and yes even in those days 9 years old was considered too young for a girl to marry. Several haadith describe Abu Baker (Mohammed’s bff) objecting to his request to marry his 9 year old daughter but finally acquiescing since it was the ‘will of Allah’.

In short Islam is not a bff of the gay community and we should stop treating it as such. Why is the left so adamant about defending a religion that’s antithetical to almost everything they stand for? Identity politics of course. The left loves identity politics and finding new victims it can take into the fold for support. First it was women and Blacks in the 60s-70s then it was Latinos in the 90s and now in the 2000s its Islam and Latinos. The left should have learned its lesson about identity politics. Woman have all but turned their backs on the left as 51% of women voted against the standard-bearer of identity politics Hillary Clinton for president, more Latinos voted for Donald Trump in 2016 than voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, heck even more Blacks voted for Trump than for Mitt Romney. There are even more and more gay conservative organizations around Further Reading. Identify politics is dying as people are tired of the victim mentality propagated by the left in order to drum up support. its only a matter of time before this new group turns its back on the left as many other groups already have.

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