Ladyboy’s Guide to Getting a Foreign Daddy

Ladyboy’s Guide to Getting a Foreign Daddy

Many people after deciding to live in their truths find that dating is particularly difficult for transgender ladyboys. Most straight men want partners that were born as women and most gay men want masculine men. So what is a ladyboy to do? Too often do I see ladyboys resorting to tactics such as concealing their true identity or worse still paying men to be in relationships with them. This makes me sad as no one should have to pay for someone to be with them! I have written this piece to help ladyboys all over the world achieve their dating dreams of finding a real husband.

Be Honest

I strongly discourage ladyboys from trying to hide their gender from a prospective partner. I understand the mindset of: “once he gets to know me maybe he’ll be able to see past the fact that I have a penis”. I’ve never seen this tactic work and too often it simply backfires. We’ve all read stories of transgender women being beaten, or worse, for concealing their true identities from their partner. It’s better to be rejected than to be dead.

Be Realistic

Most of the ladyboys I know want young, buff, handsome, masculine, straight men. While there’s nothing wrong with that you need to understand that is the caviar of the LGBT dating cuisine. Everybody wants that type of guy, therefore, the competition for that type of guy will be fierce and many of those guys will ask for money in exchange for their hand. And not just a little bit of money either. I’ve seen ladyboys go broke from paying straight guys to be with them.

If you want a foreign man chances are he’s going to be older than you and probably overweight. Being flexible in your dating options will go a long way in achieving a relationship that is based on truth and love instead of money and lust.

Be Patient

Chances are higher that it will take you longer to find a suitable partner than a regular person but be patient and don’t be desperate. Desperation is never attractive and being desperate is a great way to get used for sex or money–usually both.

The Good News

You don’t need to wait so long for a man anymore if you look in the right places. Thanks to the internet you can look in several websites specifically for men looking for ladyboys! My favorite is LadyBoyKisses. It’s a website specifically for ladyboys and their admirers in the western world. There are hundreds of single guys from America, Europe, and Oceana looking for a nice ladyboy just like you!

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