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How to Make Your D*ck Bigger Naturally

If you’re reading this then maybe you aren’t happy with your dick size? It’s okay! Most guys are insecure about their dicks. Read here how to make your dick bigger naturally!

Size matters!

Let’s start by telling the truth. Size does matter!

“While various studies have shown that taller men are generally considered more attractive, researchers found that penis length was as important as height in determining a man’s sex appeal.” Source National Academy of Sciences 

Despite the other studies that simply ask women if size matters we all know the truth. It does. The fundamental flaw in survey studies is that many women don’t want to appear shallow or slutty therefore they may not answer truthfully. Also, the preference is often not apparent and they may not realize that yes size does in fact matter. What’s nice about the quoted study is they simply showed women images or men with big dicks, little dicks, and varying heights. They then asked the women to rate the attractiveness of the male subjects. Overwhelming the taller men with big members were rated as more attractive. The abstract goes even further to say:

Our results support the hypothesis that female mate choice could have driven the evolution of larger penises in humans. More broadly, our results show that precopulatory sexual selection can play a role in the evolution of genital traits.

That’s lab-coat talk to say that women & gay men evolved to like large manhoods!

In the gay community its more straightforward. In many gay dating applications, receptive partners will make it abundantly clear that giving partners are not to contact them unless they have a certain penis size or above. See When Size Matters Too Much

Penis Envy

“The center of a man’s existence is his penis. At the root of his self-worth is how he feels about the size of his penis and what he thinks about its ability to please his partners.”source: PsychologyTomorrow

Okay so if you’re here maybe its because your plumbing down there just isn’t what it used to be or maybe you’ve never been happy with your size. You’ve probably tried to tell yourself ‘its not the size of the ocean it’s the motion of the ocean’ or other sayings that guys with penis envy use to make themselves feel better.

Penis envy can be especially hard on people of color. Black men that don’t meet the stereotype have often reported feeling extremely inadequate. Many Asian men feel inadequate due to stereotypes. Asian men are in fact the most unmarried men in America.

In a recent online survey of 900 Asian American men, Liu found that Asian men frequently feel stereotyped as lacking masculinity source: washington post

There is hope to make your dick bigger!

The good news is that is that if you are unhappy with your dick size there are ways to rectify the problem; some of us safe and some of them not so safe. Lets go over a few options shall we?

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Surgery is indeed a proven method to make your penis larger.  There are two types of penis enlargement surgeries.

Ligament severing surgery

In this surgery the ligament that connects the penis to the pelvic bone is severed (cut). This causes more of the shaft to extend outside of the body (usually less than an inch). In order to prevent the ligament from healing and reattaching a patient would need to do exercises including weights and stretching exercises every single day for six months.

Injection surgery

Those men who wish to create more girth can have substances injected into their penises. Usually silicone, adiopose (fat). They can also have a tissue graft. There is a risk of the surgery causing a blood clot or the injected substance making its way into the blood stream and killing you.

Pros & Cons


It works-enough said


Its expensive-these sorts of surgeries start at $6000 and up

Life threatening-As with any surgery once you are put to sleep there’s a possibility you may not wake up again

Totally unnecessary-there are more effective far less risky ways to increase your manhood

Penis Enlargement Gels, Creams, and Pills

There are several gels, creams, and pills. The only one that I’ve seen work is Tital Gel and to my knowledge, it’s not available in the US. It contains hormones, namely testosterone, which increases blood flow to the penis causing it to swell larger than it normally would.

It will give you a better erection but don’t count on any miracles with this stuff. That being said many people do swear by it

Pros & Cons


It does increase the size slightly

It does give you harder erections

It will give you a more satisfying experience in the bedroom for both you and your partner


It can get expensive-One small 8-ounce tube of authentic titan gel costs about 1100 pesos (25 USD)

It doesn’t really make your dick bigger

It’s not natural

It has a strong odor

How to make your dick bigger naturally

Penis Enlargement Bible

The Penis Enlargement Bible (amongst other things) is an exercise system that helps you to naturally make your dick bigger. It contains proven exercises that help to make your manhood not just appear bigger but actually increase in size.

The exercise safely and naturally increase the length of the ligaments that attach your penis to the pelvic bone thus like surgery making it longer. But unlike surgery you won’t risk your life just to get a bigger dick!  The exercises also increase the blood flow to your dick giving you better erections and more girth like titan gel.

If you want to know how to make your dick look better naturally penis advantage is the way.

Does The Penis Enlargement Bible really work?

As with anything results will vary! I’m not promising anyone that they will get an extra 4 inches in their manhood. But really what have you got to lose? With a 60-day money back guarantee, there’s no risk and the rewards are a bigger dick for anyone to see. These are proven exercises that will work for almost anyone.

Is the Penis Enlargement Bible a scam?

No, the photo above demonstrates that it actually works. Look, if the author wasn’t confident that it worked he wouldn’t offer a 8-week money back guarantee.  Despite some peoples’ belief that almost everything online is a scam the truth is scams don’t last long on the internet.

Think about it if a product or program were a scam how likely would you be to recommend it to your friends?  How likely would you be to bad mouth it to your buddies?

The point is scams don’t last long!

How does it work?

The Penis Enlargement Bible contains all kinds of helpful tips like penile exercises to which pills can actually increase your manhood without hurting you.

Pros & Cons


It works-these exercises are proven to increase length and width

It’s safe-unlike surgery which could kill you or chose paralysis of the penis and unlike gels that might contain harmful chemicals these are natural exercises that you can do at home every day

It includes a money back guarantee-They offer a 60-day money back guarantee

It’s affordable-At $79.95 USD (4000php) this is a much cheaper longer lasting solution than titan gel. Not to mention longer lasting effects.

Use this link to get 45% off. 


You must do the exercises daily for the full effects

Don’t expect any miracles-The author says you can get a 4-inch increase but realistically most people get a 1 to 2 inches tops increase in their size

You need a credit card or PayPal account to purchase this book