How to Get a White Boyfriend if You’re Asian

How to Get a White Boyfriend if You’re Asian

You know your dream is to meet a beautiful porcelain skinned man to be yours forever. In this article, I’m going to tell you how to achieve your porcelain dreams. Let me tell you up front that I’m not going to be politically correct. I’m a results-oriented person and I want you to get results.  That’s why if you’re thin skinned then please click your browser’s “Back” button now. 

Be agreeable

White men that are interested in Asian men are looking for someone that is intelligent, nice, and agreeable. If you want to be successful you should be agreeable. That doesn’t mean being a yes man. It means you overall should let him lead but at the same time give your honest opinion. I would never tell someone to throw away their morals just to get a man no matter what his color is.  Just know that talking back and/or trying to embarrass him in public because you’re angry won’t earn you any points.

The truth is there’s a lot of competition out there for white men so I want you to have the tools to stand out and win.

Be a bottom

Whether it’s morally right or it’s wrong is irrelevant; the truth is most white guys see Asians as bottoms. You can get away with being versatile but it will be very difficult if you insist on being a 100% top. The exception being if you have a large penis. If you’ve got above 6 inches then you can probably be a verse top but even then I don’t recommend being a 100% top.

Don’t be desperate

My friends ,desperation is never attractive. Yes. white men that are interested in Asians have a large selection but that doesn’t mean you have to accept mistreatment. I mean do you really want a white boyfriend so bad that you’ll tolerate being insulted, cheated on, or even beaten just because he’s white? I sincerely hope not.

People can sense desperation no matter how hard you try to hide it and it’s a major turn off. The ones that stick around do so because they know that they can take advantage of you and get what they want whether it be sex, money, or both.

The best way to avoid appearing desperate is not to be afraid to call it quits. Remember in the second or so paragraph I said be agreeable but not to be a yes man? That’s exactly how you appear not desperate. I had a friend in Thailand that was dating a white German and the German kept asking to allow him to take a dump on his back. He called me and asked what he should do.

I explained to him:

The reason the guy wants to take a dump on your back is because he wants to test you and humiliate you. He wants to see how far you’re willing to go just to keep him. I told him unless the German guy’s a millionaire that’s already written you in his will to tell him ‘no way’ and not to worry about it if he dumps you because he’s bad news.

The German guy ended up dumping him and getting another Thai guy within days. My friend was pissed at me until it surfaced that he nearly beat his new boyfriend to death in an argument. No matter how white his skin is it’s not worth your life.

Be helpful

Guys like boyfriends that are helpful. If he’s traveling to your country ask him where he is staying and make sure he’s getting a good price. Fetch him at the airport. He’s looking for signs that you will stick around and not leave him for the next guy with more money and a good way to show your sincerity is to look out for him. In the Philippines one of the ways I knew my husband really loved me was that he really looked out for my best interests.

I had neglected to cut my hair for a few weeks because I was so busy. I remember we were at McDonalds and he said ‘we’re going to get your haircut’ and he took me to a salon and told the shemale exactly what to do. It was one of the best haircuts I ever had and it was small things like that that went a long way to demonstrate his sincerity to me.

Don’t tell him your dream is to date a white man!

Western society is pretty politically correct and that makes a lot of guys uncomfortable when you say things like ‘oh you’re so beautiful because you’re white’. Even if it’s true don’t say it because A. you’ve made yourself look desperate and B. you’ve ceded all the power in the relationship to him because he knows he’s your dream and you’ll tolerate a lot of nonsense.

If you want to win against your competition then never show all of your cards right away. It’s counter intuitive but people are more attracted to people that don’t need them rather than those who are desperate for them.

Be in shape

Guys no matter what color you are western men that are willing to go to another country for a lover are looking for guys that are young and in good physical condition. If you’re overweight use this to lose it. I’ve seen white guys take guys that weren’t handsome, didn’t have much education, and didn’t even speak English that well but I’ve never once seen a western guy date a fat Asian.

Meet Them in the Right Places

Many Asian guys seeking a white boyfriend will troll facebook hoping to snag a man. Facebook can work but man you’re going to have to dig through a lot of dirt to get to the gold. Most of the guys I see in the Philippines with white guys that they met on facebook end up with fat, old, guys that can barely even support themselves financially and nevermind supporting another person.

If you want to meet a good guy with means then you need to go where those guys are. Christian Mingle is a good site that has mature men with the financial means to support you and himself. Of course, there are the tourist spots in your nation but a bigger and bigger chunk of gay relationships begin online these days.