How to Date Ladyboys

Why date a transsexual woman

Ladyboys, transsexuals, t-girls, trannies. There are many terms to describe it. But whatever the name, you know you like them. You are sexually and emotional attracted to ladyboys, and you would like to turn this fantasy into a reality.Without really knowing much about it, have you thought of what are the pros and the cons of dating a ladyboy? First of all, of course you like them because of the little extra they’ve got. Because you are sexually aroused by it, and you know for sure that it is what you like. But there are a couple of other advantages that you maybe haven’t figured out before.

  • Ladyboys is awesome in bed

    Let’s address the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Ladyboys are awesome at bed and definitely know how to make a man happy, because obviously they know how a man’s body works. They usually have no taboo (unless maybe when they feel shy about their genitals, see [eafl id=”1193964″ name=”How to Date a Ladyboy” text=”the complete guide for dating ladyboys”]) and will treat you with long wild nights.

  • TS-girls are often more feminine and sexy than most of the real girls

    Yes, ladyboys are always amongst the sexiest girls out there. And even if they don’t need to, and are all passable, they feel that they need to be the most feminine and sexy possible. So they give big care to their physical appearance and sexy look.

  • TS-girls are hard-working and down-to-earth

    Because they have to face a more or less constant discrimination, ladyboys are forced to be strong and hard-working in order to survive in this cruel world. More than just surviving, it’s common that they want to prove that, despite they are different, they can be successful and manage to get high in the society.

  • TS-girls are hype

    Have you noticed all the new TV shows that feature transsexual women? San Francisco first, marginality and differences are now a hype thing. It’s cool to be different and non-conformist. Even showbiz people and politicians like to hook up with transsexuals (remember Eddie Murphy who’s been caught up with a transvestite prostitute? And that was in 1997).

With the full guide you will get:

  • Why you will love being with an Asian ladyboy

    There are many things an Asian ladyboy will give you that you might not find in a western girl. Those really know how to make a man happy.

  • How to go to Asia to meet ladyboys

    Want to meet tens of sexy ladyboys, or finally meet your online girlfriend? You can save hundreds (even thousands) of dollars if you profit from my personal tips; I already travelled to Asia a lot (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia) and am now living in the Philippines, trust me.

  • How to move to Asia for good

    This process requires much research and work. I wish I had a guide like this before I undertook my relocation to the Philippines, as it would have saved me much time, effort and money!

  • Where to go in Asia, how to get around

    What are the good spots for meeting ladyboys. And what are the bad places to avoid. Also, what type of job can you find there and how to increase your standard of living by 3 without increasing your revenues.

  • How to make your girlfriend to come to your country

    For holidays or for marriage. Laws, visas and immigration are a hassle. Once again, I wasted time and money doing it for my girlfriend. Don’t do the same mistake as me!

  • How to officialise your union

    What are the unions you can make (marriage, civil partership, living together…) in your country (or state).

  • How to have children together

    The issue of having kids. Adoption is the most popular choice for couples, but there are also alternatives…

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