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How to Choose The Right Boyfriend

If you’re looking for a boyfriend then maybe you’ll have multiple guys to choose from. As a foreigner, the decision can be daunting. In this article, I want to help you avoid making some common mistakes many foreign guys make when they come to the Philippines.

Let’s be honest guys when we’re talking to guys from The Philippines the first things we look for are his youth and his body. While looks do matter just looking at those things can be a costly mistake. The most important aspect you should be searching for is a guy that shares your values! If you guys don’t have the same values, then the relationship probably won’t work.

For me, I knew I wanted a guy that was conservative, soft-spoken, and with a tinge of sugar in his tank (effeminate but not too feminine). One of the things I’m working on is to stop cursing, therefore, I knew a guy that swore like a sailor wasn’t going to work for me.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex between two men shouldn’t be difficult. It just shouldn’t. It’s understandable for a woman to be sexually guarded as she has her eggs and reputation to protect, but two men? I’m not saying he needs to put out on the first date but if he’s staying with you or you’re spending a lot of time with him and he’s still making excuses not to give it up I say it’s time to walk away.

A young man making excuses not to have sex is never a good sign. In almost every case I’ve seen when a Filipino is making excuses not to have sex it’s because he wants the benefits of a relationship with a foreigner e.g money, but doesn’t want to do his part. Some common excuses you may hear are:

  • I’m not ready yet
  • Let’s wait for the right time
  • I have a problem with my butt
  • I just want to know you’re serious first

If you’re hearing these things it’s time to walk away. I mean do you really want a relationship where sex is a special occasion? I know I sure don’t.

Let’s Talk About Money

If you want a relationship with someone in the Philippines then expect almost all of the expenses to fall on your shoulders. Even if he’s working the salaries in The Philippines are abysmally low. Why else do you think many Pinoys subject themselves to OFW indentured servitude in the Middle East?

This is why I’m letting you know straight up if you’re just barely making it on Social Security or something like that, you have no business dating a Filipino. These guys are looking for love and a better life. It’s not fair to waste their time if you can’t give them both. That being said I do not suggest that you can buy a person. If he’s always complaining about his financial woes or connecting sex with monetary transactions then I recommend moving on.

If you’re not sure when is the right time to begin helping your Filipino boyfriend I have an entire article on that which you can read here

How to Know When He’s ‘The One’

When deciding on a partner it’s best to take your time. Don’t let them rush you into a relationship. When someone loves you, you’ll feel it. You won’t need to read random blog posts to know if he truly has feelings for you. It’s the little things that count. I started to feel like my partner loved me when I mentioned having problems with my internet service provider. Without me even asking him he looked up prices for other companies.

What sealed the deal was the fact that he was willing to endure the chismes (gossip) of being seen with a foreigner in the small town that we live in. I told him we didn’t have to hold hands in the SM if it was too much for him. He told me he didn’t care what they thought or said about him; so long as he had me that’s all that mattered.

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