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The Day Grindr Changed My Life

It was a warm May day in 2017. It was a day that I’ll never forget. It was my second day in the Philippines. I had just moved into a condo in Las Pinas (a suburb 0f Manila). I had gotten settled in and was laying in my bed, bored.

Being bored I did what most gay men do; I went on Grindr. Not looking for anything in particular I was just playing around on the app when a nice young man messaged me.

We chatted on the app and then we talked on the phone.

We began to talk…

and talk…

and talk.

Before I knew it we had been talking for almost two hours!

He told me he was separated from his wife and was looking to explore his sexuality. He made it clear he wasn’t looking for a ‘hold hands in public’ type of relationship.

That was perfectly fine with me as I wasn’t ready to get serious with anyone anyway.

After talking for quite a while he asked to visit me.  We went over what we would do and what the boundaries were yadda yadda standard hookup procedure.

He arrived at my condo building gate and I said lets get a soda first since I was thirsty. We were walking and talking and then he just stopped.

He looked at me and said…

“I didn’t know you were fat. I think I’m going to pass”

Time just stopped….

I was so humiliated!

It wasn’t just that he rejected me it was the way that he rejected me that hurt so much. He might as well as pierced a knife into my heart that’s how bad it felt.

Angry and humiliated I was so ready to attack him.

I think he sensed that because he stuck out his hand to shake mine.  I was still ready to punch some respect into him but I decided that wouldn’t be a good start to my new life in the Philippines.

I shook his hand and we parted ways.

When I walked into my condo it took everything I had to prevent myself from crying like a little girl…

Never again!

Afterwards he sent me a text thanking me for me time to which I didn’t reply.  That night I told myself something that has stuck with me.


I’ve always been a realistic person and never afraid to face the truth. I knew there were two main things going against me on Grindr or any gay app in the Philippines.

  1. I have dark skin
  2. I was fat

My dark skin is beautiful to me so I wasn’t going to do anything to change that but I sure as hell could lose weight! After researching what was be the best way to lose weight quickly I finally stumbled upon the 3-Week Diet plan.

It cost $47USD. I paid with my credit card and downloaded it.  Let me tell you it was worth every single penny!
It’s not just a diet but a lifestyle plan with great recipes and exercises meant to melt away your body fat as quickly as possible.

It sure as hell wasn’t it easy but it was worth it! 

The program

The 3 week diet consists of 4 phases.It’s basically a low carb diet meets low-fat diet. In order to follow the low-calorie diet restrictions, fats are reduced. Since you reduce your carbs and your fat, your pickings are slim for food.

You’re relegated to drinking water only during the plan!
It’s one of the main reasons why the whey protein makes such a starring role: it’s just about the only thing you can eat in quantity.

If this diet went on any longer, I would be scared for nutritional deficiencies. Out of the over 5,000 types of fruits and vegetables available, the 3-Week Diet, Week 1 limits you to 17.

He limits drinks to water. This is a good thing, since most people don’t drink enough water to meet normal needs.

The recommended first meal is lunch, with the last meal being just before bed. This flies in the face of all the studies on eating habits. We require breakfast to lose weight. Skipping it slows our metabolism.

The rest of the plan is a complex mix of calculating out different calories, supplements, and fasting habits. This isn’t for the faint of heart.

At the start of the second week, you fast for 24 hours. Supposedly, this is for a detox purpose, but it’s not long enough to actually start the body into any other metabolic pathway other than carbohydrate metabolism.

In the end, you are just going to be hungry.

Then, comes the really hard part. This diet wants you to get 80% of your calories from fat, and still keep under about 1200 calories..

This means nearly 900 calories come from a source that does not fill you up. Only about 300 calories will come from any food source.

To put that in perspective, a dinner of 3oz of steak, 1 cup of broccoli, and a medium baked potato is 300 calories. That would be your total daily allotment in 1 small dinner.

Additional recommendations call for using nuts (50-70 calories per oz), avocado (50 calories per cup), and cream cheese (100 calories per tbsn) as additions. As you can see, it would difficult to include them in the 300 calorie allotment.

The diet wants you to have 3-4 meals. I don’t know how it’s possible, unless you are eating nothing but bitter vegetables smothered in butter.

The final phase of the diet depends on a series of complex calculations to know how many supposed calories you spend at different activities and then totaling them up.

It takes nearly 5 pages of the book to just explain the process. Now, I have advanced science degrees (yes, plural), with several years of calculus. I still couldn’t follow the process:)

3-Week Diet Workout Plan

Here is where the 3-week diet shines. Despite not getting the nutrition background right, these exercises are top notch. He’s also absolutely right saying consistency is the key.

This diet has exercises for every single day. It even highlights a warm-up period, necessary to avoid injury.
The book has diagrams of proper positioning and technique for each of the exercises and written descriptions.

They even describe the correct ending positions and what to look for in muscle fatigue.
I think this is vital information and he does a good job at describing it.

The plan is intense. You really need to give it your all, just like the diet calls for. There are many reps and cycles in each of the exercises. When you start to build the muscles up, the exercises become easier.

To start it all off, he talks about the easiest, most effective, and universal exercise (plus it’s free): walking. Walking is essential to the diet and overall health. It’s great to see a diet that uses this as such a integral part of the whole.

One substantial concern is pre-existing injuries. This diet supposes you are healthy and injury free, despite being overweight. If you have an injury that prevents you from doing some of the exercises, it may be difficult for you to get the full experience.

It worked!

It was a grueling three weeks let me tell you. Seriously during week two I wanted to quit. What kept me going was hearing those words in my head

“I didn’t know you were fat. I think I’m going to pass”

Those 12 words kept me going. I wanted to show that guy what he had missed out on!

I finished the diet and continued a no junk food healthy lifestyle. The results speak for themselves.



Me when I was rejected for being fat


Me happy as can be in the jeepney!

My Grindr profile also reflects the change!

I’d be lying if I said I never got rejected on grindr again but let me tell you losing weight with the 3 week diet made my dating life better than its ever been before!

Seriously, despite (proudly) still having very dark skin I went from being ignored to having an inbox full of messages every time I opened my grindr app!

Read more testimonials and transformations here…

Losing weight is good for your health and love life! I have no regret in the world going through the pain as the gain has made me a new person instead and out. I had always been depressed about my weight but no more.

Thanks to this diet and my grit my entire life has been transformed. The chances transcend far beyond grindr. In life I find people are nicer to me and want to be around me more often.

The jeepney drivers don’t charge me double anymore either! LOL!

If you want to move your love life into over drive and you are a bit heavy like I was the first step is trying this diet!


Guess what?!

I found a special promo/coupon for the diet here. Now you can go from fat to fit cheaper than I did!



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