Here’s Why You Should Stop Hooking Up and Get a Boyfriend

Here’s Why You Should Stop Hooking Up and Get a Boyfriend

With the invention of hookup apps like grindr, scruff, and whatnot getting laid has never been easier.

There’s nothing wrong with hooking up per se but we all know eventually you get tired of that shit. Having random dudes over, having to answer the same questions ‘how big is your dick?’ ‘what are you into?” ,and then after all the song and dance it turns out the guy isn’t what you thought he was!

Hooking up will just drain both your mind and your soul if you keep doing it.

Here’s what sex with a boyfriend is like

When you’re with a hookup you may kiss you may not but either way there’s no love there. You get some pleasure but that quickly fades once you cum.

When you’re with your boyfriend there’s no describing how good sex is. His asshole will wrap around your dick like a glove.

You hear his moans as you stroke his anus with your cock.

The kissing will be so much more authentic and passionate. He’ll do anything to make sure you cum. Best of all he’ll beg you to finish inside him. 

When you both finish he’ll get a warm wet rag and clean both of you up with love.

Good luck getting that from a hookup…

Here’s why a gay man should be married by his 30’s

  • If you’re older than 32

  • If You’ve been living if your guy for 1-3 years
  • If You can stand to be around him,
  • If You can still fuck him with the lights on

Then just marry him!

You’re not gonna find anyone better and if you keep trying to hold out for guy with a bigger dick you’ll just end up old and alone.

But John he’s gained a few since we’ve been together…

So fucking what?!

Are you the same weight as where when you got first got together? Even if you are and he’s fatter..so what?! Marry him anyway!

But John he does things that really annoy me sometimes…

So fucking what?!

You probably do things he doesn’t like either. That’s life. Marry him anyway!

There are only 2 reasons not to marry your partner of 3 years or more:

  1. Infidelity
  2. He can’t hold down a job
  3. He has a drug problem (okay its 3)

Married people are happier, live longer, are less likely to have serious health problems, and make more money.

Man up and get married!

Ask yourself this. If something really bad were to happen to you like you got paralyzed or some shit like that can you confidently say that he would he stick around? If you can confidently say yes. Marry him!

If you don’t get married by your mid 30′s what wil happen is once you reach about 35 or 38 you’ll notice all the guys you’re attracted to will be much younger than you. The ones that don’t laugh at you will just want to date you for one thing ($$).

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