Here’s Why Most Guys Fail to Get a Foreign Boyfriend

Here’s Why Most Guys Fail to Get a Foreign Boyfriend

In this article I’m going to tell you why most Filipino guys fail at getting a foreign boyfriend and therefore unable to realize their international dreams. The interesting thing is as a foreigner it’s rather obvious but maybe its not so easy for some people to see.

What most guys do

Most Filipinos trying to get a foreign boyfriend will do one of two things

The inexperienced guys will chat up a foreigner for a couple of days–>declare love–>ask for money/a relationship

The amateur guys will chat up a foreigner –>meet in real life–>have sex–>declare love–>ask for money/a relationship

Here’s the thing both of those methods are wrong. Number one is wrong because you can’t treat this like a numbers game. Some guys think oh if they just ask every single foreign guy they talk to for money or a relationship eventually someone will say yes.

If you do that you may get one out of 500 foreign men you talk to to send you maybe 1000 pesos and that’s only after you’ve jerked off on camera for him for a few times.  If you do method number two again your conversion rate (from chat acquaintance to boyfriend) will be tiny as in zero.

If you really want a foreign boyfriend do not do any of these methods! Every gay Filipino and his cousin is trying these methods and for the most part they walk away with nothing! 

If that’s what you’re planning on doing then you might as well stop reading this article and go get a job at a car wash because you’ll earn more money as a car washer than you will trying to get money from a foreign boyfriend.

Getting a foreign boyfriend takes a lot of time and effort on your part. We have a saying in America ‘Anything worth getting you have to work for” and getting a foreign boyfriend is no different.

If you want that visa to America, Europe, or Australia/NZ, if you want to improve your life and/or the lives of your family you’ve got to put in the effort. Just letting a guy inside your anus and declaring love ain’t gonna cut it.

Maybe that worked in 1975 but today that’s no longer the case!

Here’s the pro method

Now you know why those old school methods won’t work here’s what you’re going to do to get a foreign boyfriend.

  1. You’re going to treat it like any other relationship.
  2. You’re going to build trust and respect.

Remember that’s a living breathing human being and a child of God that’s on the other side of your screen. As a result you must treat him with respect and dignity if you want to get anything from him.

Think about it.

How did you feel the last time a straight guy tried to proposition you for money?

Maybe he had sex with you, declared love right away, and then began asking for gifts and money just because he was willing to put his dick in your ass.

How did that make you feel?

Did it feel good?

Were you happy to open your wallet every time he said he needed money for transportation or his lola was sick?

I think the answer is no. 

So why mistreat someone else just because you were mistreated?

Frankly if you try the first two methods to get money you’ll most likely get what you deserve which is nothing.

To get a real relationship and a real shot at a better life from a foreign man then you’ve got to treat him like a human being and not like an ATM machine.

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