Getting Around The Philippines

Getting Around The Philippines

Getting Around The Philippines

The Philippines is unique in South East Asia as it’s an archipelago of over 7000 islands . That means as a tourist the number one way you’ll be getting around the Philippines is by plane.  Trust me those hot Filipino men are worth every flight you’ll take!

Local Travel

Jeepney in Bicol Province Luzon

In Manila

My favorite method of transport within metro Manila is Uber. Taxistas are known for jacking up their prices foe foreigners. With uber the price is set by the app. Plus the vehicle will be clean and in good condition with Uber. Many Filipinos also use Grab. The issue with grab is their prices tend to be higher than Uber. Locals use it because Grab doesn’t require a credit card to sign up.

Outside of Manila

For short distance local travel outside of Manila you’ll be traveling on either a jeepney (pronounced jeep-ney) or a tricycle. They’ll take you pretty much anywhere you want to go in the area. Expect to pay between 5-25 pesos depending on the distance. Jeepneys are a part of the Philippine identity but unfortunately are being phased out due to environmental quality concerns. Therefore experiencing a jeepney is a must when you come here.

Long Distance Travel

Plane Travel

I’m sure the word ‘plane’ sent chills down your spine as you conflated plane with high cost. The good news is that’s just not true flying really is the best way to get around the Philippines.. Thanks to travel sites like you can get super cheap flights throughout the Philippines. I’ve gotten round trip tickets for less than 100 bucks out the door! What’s nice about is they have a calendar with the prices listed right below the dates. That way if you’re flexible with your dates you can get the absolute best price.

Bus Travel

Of course bus travel is an option if you’re going somewhere within the same island but keep in mind that:

Bus travel is slow due to road conditions

Make sure you get a high end luxury bus otherwise you’ll be miserable. I got a 2nd class bus once. Never again. The window was broken and there wasn’t enough leg room. Really there was no leg room.

That being said bus travel is by far the most economical way to get around the Philippines.

Most Popular Bus Companies in the Philippines

NameService AreaWebsite
Victory LinerCentral Luzon
Five Star Bus CompanyPangasinan, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, Isabela and Cagayan
Davao Metro ShuttleDavao City and Surrounding Areas
Yellow Bus CompanyCentral & Southern Mindanao
DLBT CoManila to Southern Luzon & Eastern Viasyas
PhilTrancoThroughout the Philippines

Ferry Travel

Another way to travel on a ferry. These are the most economical way to island hop. Because it is an island nation, ferry services are an important means of transportation. A range of ships are used, from large cargo ships to small pump boats. Some trips last for a day or two on large overnight ferrys such as those operated by 2GO Travel while other trips can last for less than 15 minutes on small, open-air pump boats such as those that cross the Iloilo Strait.

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That’s it!

Yup insofar as getting around the Philippines is concerned flying, busing or ferrying are really your best options. Luckily its more cheap in the Philippines so all of these options are very economical for almost any budget.


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