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How to Get a Gay Filipino If You’re a Foreigner

How to get a gay Filipino if you’re a foreigner

Are you a looking for a gay Filipino boyfriend or husband? If so read here so you can learn how to get the gay Filipino of your dreams.

Reality check: Let me start off by speaking the truth. Most of the Filipinos that initially reach out to you on social media are looking for money, a green card or both.

The reality is approximately 28% of the Philippine population lives in  extreme poverty. Thank God the number is declining but poverty is still a strong motivating factor for Filipinos to reach out to foreigners.
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The Good News: That doesn’t necessarily mean that the love can’t be real. If you do rescue one of them out of poverty that’s a huge reason to have real feelings right? In addition there are many more Filipinos that are not in poverty that still want a foreign husband or boyfriend?


Because gay dating in the Philippines is tough! The bottoms want straight guys who in turn only want their money. Whether or not they choose to admit it I’d say a significant portion of the gay Philippine population has paid for sex or love in some shape or form. Maybe not a direct monetary transaction; usually its more subtle.

The straight or ‘bisexual’ guy will ‘date’ the gay and the gay in turn helps the straight guy by paying his tuition or giving him 500 pesos a week.  For many gay Filipinos this is all they know of love. You would be a welcome change to that routine.

Why should you want a gay filipino boyfriend or husband?

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The average age of a male in the Philippines is 22.

Need I say more?

Steps to get a good gay Filipino (pinoy)

Step 1. Choose wisely & think with the right head

Sometimes we foreigners get big heads due to all that guys throwing themselves at us! The truth is most of the guys initially throwing themselves at you are scammers looking for a monetary transaction and nothing more.

Decide what you want and stick with that. If you’re looking for a barely legal hottie to make your fantasies come true in exchange for some financial ‘help’ that’s fine. That’s super easy to get. Only you can decide how fulfilling such a relationship will be.

Step 2. Respect him!

It’s easy to stop caring how we come off since we foreigners get so many suitors. We must remember, however, a relationship is a two way street. If you want a Filipino to truly love you then you have to respect him and treat him like you would want to be treated.

In other words:

  1. He’s not your maid
  2. He’s not your sex servant

Pinoys are a very tolerant people. He may tolerate your nonsense for awhile but rest assured if you keep it up he’ll dump you as soon as he A. Gets what he wants or B. He finds a better deal with someone else.

Rule 3: Don’t ask him to wank every time you see him!

Sex is an important part of a relationship and at some point you and your partner should be having sex. But as alluded to in step 2 he’s not your sex slave. That means don’t ask him to wank for you on camera every time you see him.

If you ask him to wank for you every time you see him on skype then congratulations! You’ve just turned your ‘relationship’ into a monetary transaction! If he agrees to choke his chicken every time you see him expect the requests for money to soon follow.

Rule 4: Satisfy his needs too

In the Philippines age doesn’t mean nearly as much as it does in the west. Age is respected here. I’ve never seen one grindr ad on even the most cocky snobish profile  say ‘no olds’.

That being said he still has his fantasies and desires. When he wanks at night he’s probably fantasizing about someone that looks like this:

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Chances are this isn’t a photo of you. That means you may have to spark his desires. Any Filipino seeking a foreign man understands the man will be older than him and possibly double his weight. That being said it doesn’t hurt to drop a few pounds, maintain good grooming habits and hygiene.

A good lover will do anything (within reason) to make sure his partner cums during love making.

Rule 5: You can’t buy love! Avoid ass for cash guys!

You can buy his body, you buy his time, but you can’t buy his love. That’s what makes love so special above anything else in the entire world. It can’t be bought and no one can force it to be given away.

Sometimes we get the urge to buy a nice young man expensive gifts and take him on expensive trips to show we are serious and ‘not like them’ (referring to other foreigners).

That’s a big mistake! Modest gifts (like a teddy bear) and dinners are okay and do show you are serious. But if you start taking him to the most expensive restaurants in Makati or Ayala Center and trips to Palawan he’ll get spoiled and expect those things from you.

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Then he may get bored of you and dump you for someone that can take him even more expensive trips and extravagant restaurants or lives in a bigger house.

I’ve met my share of gay Filipinos that have been spoiled by foreigners. They’re no fun to be around as their expectations are ridiculously high and often don’t  even match their ass in the first place!

I once met a 20 y/o in Cebu who had a not good attitude. He told me he had dated 5 foreign guys before me which explained a lot. One day I caught him flirting with other guys while  in the car with me! I immediately  told the driver to turn around and take his spoiled ass home.

Rule 6: Try to stick it out

When things don’t go so smoothly often the first urge is to swap him out for another guy. Don’t do that. If you swap him at the first sign of trouble you’ll be swapping until the day you die. Any relationship takes work; cross cultural relationships even more so.

If you think he’s genuine and sincere work with him just as you would expect him to work with you. It goes back to rule 2. Respect. You’re not his ATM machine just like he isn’t your little bitch.

For me there are instances that are 1 strike you’re out:

  1. Asking for money for something frivolous or through deceit
  2. Cheating
  3. Lying (my grandma used to always say ‘there’s nothing worse on this earth than a liar’)

But that’s just me you need to decide what your deal breakers are. Once you do as long as he doesn’t cross those lines always try to work with him.

That’s all I can think of for now. With that I wish you the best of luck on your journey to true love!
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