How to Get a Gay Daddy if You’re a Filipino

How to Get a Gay Daddy if You’re a Filipino

First and foremost let me start off by speaking the truth. Most foreign gay daddy that come to the Philippines are looking for a short, submissive, dark skinned Filipino.

We can debate forever whether that’s morally right or its wrong but that’s the reality. That doesn’t mean if you don’t fit into that paradigm that you cannot get a foreign boyfriend it just means you might have to do a few extra things.

Tip 1: It doesn’t matter how handsome you are but look your best

“Why do foreigners always get the ugliest Filipinos?’ That’s a question I hear a lot and it has a few answers. One because standards of beauty differ but two and more importantly because of the attitude.

I discovered pretty quickly after arriving here that the ‘ugly’ guys just had an overall better attitude disposition. They tended to be more helpful and willing to do what it takes to satisfy their man and I don’t just mean in the bedroom either. Handsome guys, I found, almost expected me to cater to them even though they were the ones that approached me.

I have literally received messages from handsome boys offering to let me give them a massage!


If you are handsome simply being willing to be seen with him and spread your legs in the hotel room isn’t enough to get and keep a foreign man. Very few foreign men will put up with a bad attitude for long just because the boy is handsome. However, you must be physically fit. I’m sorry but very few foreigners that travel to Asia are looking for fat guys. They can get that in their home countries. If you are having trouble getting rid of that rice belly read how I lost weight!

Tip 2: Be helpful

This is so important and yet I don’t see enough guys doing it. Most foreign men come here alone. We all know how many people here are waiting to take advantage if they can. A very quick and easy way to get to a foreigner’s heart is to be helpful.

There are several ways to be helpful:

  • Help him to find a place to live that is safe and secure at a fair price. This will probably take up an entire day of your time but its well worth the investment.
  • Make sure he’s getting a good deal! Before he even arrives make sure he’s getting a good price for his hotel.
  • Ask him what he wants to do and what part of town he is staying in and advise him. Essentially become his travel agent.
  • Fetch him at the airport. If that means missing work then that’s what it means.
  • Have a home cooked meal prepared for him when he arrives if you can. If he sees that you’re willing to go the extra mile for him you’ll have an advantage over your competition.
  • He will most likely reimburse your lost wages/expenses just don’t come with the mindset that you expect that to happen. You just have to present it the right way!

Tip 3: Don’t ask for money is not a site for people looking for just a sugar daddy, an escort, or prostitute. We all know economic security is probably one of the reasons you want a foreign boyfriend. As I’ve discussed in a previous article there’s nothing wrong with that. We foreigners know it too.

That being said if you ask for money right away you’ll just cause him to raise his guard and never trust you. There’s even a good chance that once you guys have sex you’ll never hear from him again.

I don’t recommend you ask for money at all frankly. After you’ve established a relationship of trust and he’s comfortable with you then you can let him know something you may need help on and then let him decide if he wants to help or not.

Don’t push it. If you’re looking to just be an escort in exchange for money that’s fine too as long as both parties know what it is.

Tip 4: Don’t play games when it comes to sex

If you’re going to date a foreign guy expect him to want sex pretty quickly. The culture is different. Playing silly games and pretending to be a virgin isn’t cute and won’t earn you any points. It’ll just make you seem immature, untrustworthy, and not worth his time.

I’m not saying you’re obligated to put out on the first date but if its obvious you’re just trying to play hard to get you’ll get passed over pretty quickly. I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve passed on because they tried to tell me they are 29 year old virgins.  Most foreigner gay daddies won’t care how many guys you’ve been with in the past.

Tip 5: Be a bottom or at least versatile

Look, the average penis size in the Philippines is 3.5-5 inches. Contrast that with America and Europe where the average dick size is roughly 6 inches.

Also, rightfully or wrongfully, most Americans associate Asians with bottoms. If you have a 3.5 incher and a pure top. I recommend you make your dick bigger.  Just a quick aside to my black readers understand that your bottom is used to dicks around 3.5-5 inches. Keep that in mind when you penetrate him for the first time.

Tip 6: Avoid abusive foreigners

While there are plenty of scammers here waiting to scam foreigners, sadly, there is a minority of foreigners that are abusive to their Filipino spouses.

You don’t want that trust me. I know the allure of going to America is strong but I’ve heard stories of Filipinos committing suicide because of abuse.

You can protect yourself by being a person of integrity. If all you’re looking for is a sugar daddy then expect to have a domineering and controlling partner.

That’s the only reason most men are willing to be sugar daddies.  In addition, there are other things to look out for: Claiming love too quickly, quick to anger, promising to take you back to his home country right away, constantly bringing up how much money he’s spending on you, not respecting your sexual boundaries.

This is important yes your foreign partner will want sex from you and yes you need to satisfy him (as he you)  but you’re not his play toy. If he doesn’t respect you enough to back-off when you tell him 5 times you’re not in the mood or you’re still in pain from the last time then what makes you think he’ll respect you more in the future?

Tip 7: Buy him a gift

It needn’t be an expensive gift..  There are many places you can find a gift. has a large selection of gifts that will appeal to westerners.

It will show him you are serious. Remember the name of the game is to stand out from your competition. I realize the culture here is for the foreigner to always pay but showing him that you have skin in the game will mean a big deal to him!

If you want a gay daddy you must be genuine!

I’ve seen many happy Pinoy/foreign relationships. In the truly loving ones I see one common theme. No one is using the other. The Pinoy is not just looking for money and the foreigner is not just looking for a young sex object. I hope my words are helpful to you!

Good luck in your search for a foreign lover!

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42 thoughts on “How to Get a Gay Daddy if You’re a Filipino

    • @denissean I’ve been an expat in the Philippines since last year. I’ve seen foreign guys get taken for a ride and leave here with nothing more than the shirt on their back but they all had a few things in common. They always flashed their money/passports around. They didn’t respect the people. This country has a way for whipping cocky foreigners into shape. They also get big heads since guys that wouldn’t give the time of day in the US are suddenly all over them.

      If you make sure to think with your big head instead of your little one you’ll be fine.

    • just know the person thoroughly and don’t be blinded by the age, the skin color, the body size, a good judge of character, know the person past the physical attributes, listen to the red flags, show sincerity and kindness, never judge people by the acts of a few…i think these are important to safeguard your heart and your pocket wherever part of the world you may be in?

    • Somehow your right but now a days I know that both culture are now aware of the black and white and the goes around of this type of dating site but let’s just hope we will be able to find what we exactly looking in here , the first place what ever and who ever it was that is our aim

  1. “If that means missing work then that’s what it means. ” — can really relate to this! But in my case, I managed to still attend to work after meeting him. Well, both are important so no one should be left behind. Multi-tasking is the key! ?

  2. This article is soooo funny. Idk why. Maybe because some of the points raised are true but more than that it is shallow and should be taken lightly. On a side note, I definitely agree that Filipinos need to stop asking foreigners money. It puts us in a bad light.

  3. I really agree that some of the foreingners are keen observers for the person whom they’d meet. When it comes to financially matters wherein some of the girl took advantage as they expect he is rich in there country..Thats why we must to avoid ask for something ..

  4. It’s the same way around either your a Filipino or a Foreign, whether your a bi, straight or transgender it makes no difference and definitely no exemption. First you meet in the internet while some may have seen each other thru some apps or dating sites or in a bar. You will be lucky to find a gem in the sand once in awhile but you wouldn’t know unless you try. There’s always a risk for everything. I have no regrets, I just want to try again and again until I found the one. Better than not trying at all.

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    And The relationship I’m looking for right now is neither a casual hookup nor LTR. Lets start, I will see how it develops over time and go from there. We can be together if I feel you mean what you say and do.
    I’m looking for a strong man who goes the extra miles to get whatever he wants. I’m looking for a man who can express his sincere unlimited love without hesitating but who will take the time to learn to know me.

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  6. I’m a British guy and I’ve been looking for a filipino boyfriend since January.Plenty of interest and messages from guys on the filipino Cupid and Filipino Cupid websites,—-the problem is that 95% of the guys asked for money.
    It seems that nearly all young pinoy gay men try this on.
    One asked me to give him £400 for clothes (we hadn’t even webcammed,let alone met).Another asked me to pay his airfare him within 30 seconds of messaging. Naturally I told them exactly where to go.
    Do filipino gay men realise how unattractive and offputting this is?-it will result in you getting blocked,not finding a western boyfriend.
    If they were only patient, they woukd be able to enjoy the benefits of life in rhe west and a generous western boyfriend.
    Aren’t there any sites where you can meet financially solvent filipinos?-not rich,but able to afford airfares for example?
    There must be some men in their 20s in the philippines who aren’t impoverished.

    • It’s because to many Filipinos you are an ATM machine. They think its not that much money. Some of them just don’t care. It’s a numbers game. They figure if they ask 100 guys 1 will say yes. There are also some that think they are so handsome that they are entitled to money because they are willing to date and sleep with a man older than they are.

  7. Try to understand their background and circumstances, before you rush to judge. Treat each guy on his merits. You have your reservations, but the Filipinos have to deal with streams of down and outs attracted by cheap living. Also the rich westerners looking for a holiday romance, with a “fuck them and leave them approach” …. so get off your high moral horse and try to undestand the situation on the ground.

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