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How Gay Men Can Protect Themselves From Romance Scammers

Romance scammers are real but easy to detect if you follow my advice. As more and more western nations embrace marriage equality more and more gay men are seeking love abroad. Seeking love abroad can be a great way to find it. I personally sought love abroad because I was looking for a different kind of partner. Many of the potential partners I was meeting in my home country were seeking open relationships or just had a more liberated view than me of what a marriage/relationship should look like. I wanted something different. Many gay men seek love abroad for their own reasons whether it be because they want someone younger or they just have an adventurous spirit. Any of those reasons are very good ones to broaden your horizons.

If you plan to travel or seek abroad you must protect yourself from romance scammers! In order to protect one’s self one must move with caution and make sure to keep the emotions in check. While you will find most of the gays on sites like are seeking love there may be a minuscule amount ┬áthat got through who are only seeking a green card and/or money. If that means having to break someone’s heart then that’s just collateral damage to them. There are signs you can look for to protect yourself from being scammed:

  • He wants to get you off the dating site and onto another platform such as Facebook or Skype very quickly
  • He claims feelings too soon-its not human to fall in love after one chat session. Sorry
  • He tells you a sad story and things never seem to be going his way financially
  • He tells lies but when caught in a lie seems to have a clever excuse
  • He claims to have a university education from an English speaking country but his writing is full of grammatical errors
  • He talks about wanting to move to your country right away
  • Shows you nude/sexually provocative photos of himself but doesn’t request to see any of you
  • Won’t have sex with you and tries to make you feel guilty for wanting sex-A young man making excuses to not have sex is never a good sign.
  • It just doesn’t feel right-This is the most important. If your intuition is telling you something is off about this person move on. There are way more Filipinos looking for western men than vice versa


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