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Crab Mistakes Woman’s Vagina for Oyster

Vagina Mistaken for Oyster by Unsuspecting Crab

An unknown woman was sunbathing nude with friends in Singapore. Her friends then awoke to her screaming. They discovered that a crab, most likely a ghost crab, has mistaken her vaj-jay-jay for an oyster and was trying to eat it. Oysters are a normal part of this animal’s diet. We suspect the female organ probably had a similar stench to an oyster.

Friends suck vagina to remove venom

Concerned the crab was venomous friends took turn sucking the vagina to try to remove any venom. Those are some good friends.

No long term injuries but crab possibly traumatized

The woman is reported to not be in any danger of long term injuries. We, however, express our deepest sympathies to the crab for having to touch the female sex organ *shudder*. Read more

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