Community Standards

At Gay International Dating .com (GID) we seek create a premium community where gay men and friends can come to socialize and find their true love. Therefore it is our goal to distance ourselves from the hookup/beauty contest that is the gay virtual universe. As a result we have set up these community standards to help us to reach our goal. We ask that everyone please follow these standards to create a positive experience for yourself and your fellow GID’ers! This page is meant as a guide but is not intended to supplant our Terms of Service.

Please note every new profile is human screened to look for scammers/spammers/perverts and for compliance with our community standards. If you think we’ve missed something please report it using the Contact Us page

Zero Tolerance offenses: The following offenses will result in an automatic ban without a refund

  • Uploading nude photos
  • Asking for nude photos
  • Offering/requesting prostitution or ‘massage’ services
  • Offering/requesting sex/hookups



Gay International Dating requires all users to use at least their real first name. The exception is our transgender users who may use the name they go by in everyday life. We do this to create accountability and protect our members from spammers and scammers.

You may not use sexual innuendos in your profile name. For example John ”hardwood’ Jones, Mike Hunt, Matt Hussy etc.


You may not upload nude or near photos to this website. Period. We have a zero tolerance policy for nude photos. Your profile will be deleted and any money you paid will not be refunded.

In addition the following but not limited to may not be uploaded:

  • Photos of someone else (catfishing)
  • Shirtless photos
  • Photos advertising any sort of service and/or product
  • Photos that outline gentiles or buttocks i.e ‘dick print’ or ‘camel toe’


A good description should be at least four sentences. It should offer a glimpse into your personality, an opportunity to sell yourself to potential partners. “I’m simple” just isn’t going to cut it if you’re looking for something real. In addition we have some guidelines:

You may not post contact information

You may not use your description to ask for sex or money

Your description must be written in a readable format. dO yOu SeE hOw aNnoYing tHis iS tO rEaD?



You may not use our website or messaging system to promote or ask for illegal activity.

Relationship Status 

You may not be currently married to join this website. If you are separated from your spouse you must have filed for legal divorce.


Gay International Dating does not allow users to ask for or imply that they are looking for money or gifts

–Imply could mean but isn’t limited to the following statement: “My dad died and I am the only breadwinner and by the way my mother is in the hospital. We have no money left” . If you are really in this situation there are many NGOs you can contact. Gay Intentional Dating isn’t one of them.

You may not ask for or imply that you are looking for sex

–Imply could mean but isn’t limited to the following statement:  “I’m looking for someone that’s good in bed to marry and take back to Europe with me.”


We request and require that all of our members be nice and be respectful towards their fellow members.


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Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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