Cheap Philippines Travel

Cheap Philippines Travel

Want to travel to the Philippines but don’t think you have the budget for it? Think again! The Philippines is an incredibly cheap place to travel and stay! With prices going up in Thailand more and more people are choosing the Philippines as their travel destination! According to the Philippines Tourism Board the number of new tourist arrivals have increased about 20% in May 2017 compared to the same month last year!

The Philippines Has a Lot to Offer

Sandy beaches of Boracay

Helmet/Scuba Diving of El Nido

Historic monuments in Manila and Cebu

Chocolate Hills of Bohol

Underground River of Palawan

History city of Vigan

Of course Philippine hospitality is legendary. Even the prisoners are friendly!

How to Get There Cheap!

Okay so now you’re hopefully convinced you want to travel to the Philippines but afraid you can’t afford the flight right? Wrong! If you plan ahead and research your options you can get here super cheap. Would you believe I only paid $368 to get from San Francisco CA to Manila Philippines? It’s true! Here’s the proof from my credit card statement.

How did I do it? Through Exploretrip.com!
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With exploretrip you have to plan your trips 30 days in advance. They also offer human travel agents although I’ve never used one of them.  This is by far the cheapest ticket I’ve ever gotten.  Thanks to exploretrip it was cheaper to fly to the other side of the world than across America.  I’ve used many different sites to go nearly around the world. You won’t get a cheaper ticket than on exploretrip.com .

How to Stay There Cheap!

Hotels in the Philippines can range anywhere from $18USD per night to $200 per night in a high end Manila hotel. I use booking.com to book most of my hotels. They have a price match guarantee and I’ve never had a problem with their service. They’re a great option if you are traveling to the Philippines on a budget! I stayed at the red planet in Cagayan de Oro for just $10 a night!


It’s more fun in the Philippines

See you soon!

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