Advisory on Dating, Masculine, Handsome, ‘Bisexual’, Tops

Advisory on Dating, Masculine, Handsome, ‘Bisexual’, Tops

Ok so in this article I want to give a word of caution when it comes to dating masculine ‘bisexuals’. Now, I understand that most gay guys want a masculine man and there is nothing wrong with that. But you need to understand if you’re a foreigner and you’re looking to date masculine bisexuals that he will have the advantage because, in The Philippines, a masculine, handsome, ‘bisexual’ top is considered the caviar of the gay dating scene or better I say gay dating cuisine…

What’s worse as a foreigner with any relationship within The Philippines the expenses are going to fall almost squarely on your shoulders but unlike with a regular, effeminate, or just any guy that is not a masculine, handsome, top not only will the expenses fall on your shoulders he is not going to want to do any housework or chores either.

My relationship is give and take. I make sure that his needs are met and there is a roof over his head.everything like that. He’s the one who is preparing the meals and he is keeping our condo clean. He really does his part, I really appreciate everything he does for us, and I love our relationship! It’s very mutual. The thing about some masculine bisexuals is that they are so used to having ladyboys and other gays throwing themselves at them (even more so if he is handsome with a big penis) that he’s not used to having to do any work and in his mind his contribution is that fact he’s willing to sleep with you. In his mind, that’s more than enough.

Now he may tell you over the phone or in chat that he will do anything you ask and he may actually do it for a couple of weeks or even a month but what you’ll find is that you’ll notice him making excuses to do less and less. Then when you insist that he hold up his end of the bargain he’ll accuse you of treating him like a maid, even though you’re the one paying all of his expenses.

That is why you need to be careful if you’re going to date someone that is accustomed to being pampered. Chances are good that a handsome, masculine, ‘bisexual’, top is going to be accustomed to being pampered because he has so many guys throwing themselves at him.

I visited a friend’s house and he has a masculine top bisexual boyfriend and it’s obvious what was going on there. The boyfriend is just wandering around the house then just sits there on the couch watching TV the whole time. My friend is paying all the bills and he told me that the guy is making excuses, not to have sex and that his sex is always connected with requests for money. Any time he declines one of the guys’ requests for money, the guy has a headache or with his friends all night. He told me he knows his ‘boyfriend’ is flirting with other guys on Facebook and looking for another guy that will let him live off him in exchange for nothing.

That’s often the reality if you’re going to date somebody that’s on the top of the totem pole. You need to understand they have a lot of options and they know they have a lot of options. So why should he do housework which can be tiring when there are five other guys that will give him exactly what he wants and he doesn’t have to do anything in return but give sex?

In fact, my partner and I were just talking about his friend who’s dating this nurse. The nurse is paying for his school, his clothes, his room & board, AND even bought him an iPhone. How is the guy repaying him? By cheating on him, and how is the nurse reacting? By crying and making him promise to never do it again. (hint: he’s still cheating).

It’s obvious there’s no love and that’s why I really advise against business transaction relationships because most of the time the other person won’t hold up their end of the bargain. If someone doesn’t like you then sex with you becomes a job and most people look to accomplish the same result with the minimum amount of work.

I know someone’s going to comment that I’m judging but think about it. No, I’m not saying all masculine bisexual tops are like this. I’m just saying a masculine bisexual that is young enough to be your son is more likely than other guys to be like I described.

To be honest it really broke my heart to hear that story about the nurse who is paid to give that guy a better life, only to be repaid with infidelity. That being said the nurse is also at fault for trying to buy a person.

Of course, you’re going to do what you want to do but just understand if your target is a 19-year-old masculine bisexual top with a 7-inch dick you’re going to be competing with ladyboys and every other gay guy in The Philippines. That means that if you want to the keep this guy you’re going to have to be able to give him more than they can because otherwise, he’ll leave.

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